100​,​000​,​001 (feat EileMonty)

from by TOME



Out of the ever-growing a-hundred-million-and-one that I've met,
There's no one else like you in this world, on that I'd bet!

Though there may be others that can make emotions stir within my head,
None of them come close to what I'm feeling now that you have said...

No matter what the hurdles standing in our way.
No matter what the hour if it's night or day.
You're one out of a hundred-million, and I'm still feelin'
Stronger than ever before.

And if they choose to still not understand,
Or even if they think we're hopeless children and,
Even if a hundred-million turn against us,
You're still the one forever more!

Even if the only place where we can reconvene is in another world
I still want nothing else out of a hundred million and one.
As long as I have you I know that I've won!

You are the one,
Out of all one-hundred-mil-li-on!
You light my flame,
When I'm with you, this is more than just a game!


from TOME: 5​-​Year Anniversary Special Album, released December 1, 2016
Performed by Eileen Montgomery
Orchestral arrangement by Steven Kelly
Originally composed by Weston Durant
Written by Chris Niosi
Mastering by SwiftSound Studios



all rights reserved